3 – Morton’s 2&8

One of the things which are high on my list this year is to explore London’s private members clubs at night, starting with Morton’s on Berkley Square in Green Park and it’s 2&8 club.


By the door we were immediately greeted by friendly staff and an even friendlier Italian bar manager, he is great and so cheery! My friend and I arrived early evening around 9 on a Friday and the atmosphere in the bar was still very relaxed, on the borderline hotel lobby kind of relaxed. It is perfect for a date night in the early evening as it is speak-easy and you can find space to sit but the crowd is a bit more mature (not that I was expecting some kind of crazy rave up in there).

Having said that though the age range varies a lot and people tend to come in their own groups or families, I wouldn’t say this is the IT place to be if you are single and ready to mingle. Around 10.30/11 the bar gets busy and by this time the DJ is doing her thing so if you are looking for a younger crowd, the best time to go is around 11.


The 2&8 club downstairs is quite small, the party kicks off around 12PM and is open until 3AM. The music was a good mix of house/commercial but I still preferred the bar area.

So is £850-£1000 per year worth it? The place is very nice, classy and cosy, it has a home away from home kind of feel. It offers everything from a bar, a club to a private function room and a restaurant, but personally I think the place is a bit more for a mature crowd, 30+.

I would most definitely go back, it is a great place to visit but not for a membership.

Check it out at http://www.mortonsclub.com.

Next up, I want to try a night at the Arts Club.

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