4 – My 1st ever Tarot reading

People had told me these stories about Tarot readers who were able to tell their past, present and future; and I am talking about spot-on chills up and down your spine kind of readings. Since I decided to take a different approach to 2014 and try new things, why not check it out for myself and see what she has to say about my year?


I must admit, I went there being very hesitant and apprehensive but then again… who forced me to go to some random lady’s house at night, in an area that I don’t know, to have my cards read haha. Remind me again, why am I doing this to myself? Before anyone starts thinking I’m crazy though, I did do my thorough research on her prior to going.

When I arrived, she was extremely welcoming and actually made me feel at ease. For the first 10 minutes she started shuffling and laying out cards, during which she did not look at me once or ask me any questions. The lady said that if for some reason she was unable to read me, she would not charge.


Having gone there with a specific topic in mind which I thought she would pick up on, she started talking about a broader topic which made complete sense. The cards themselves however seem quite general which can make up a story that in one way or another can relate to anyone’s life.

Despite this, I do believe Tarot readers has some kind of intuition and it was almost like having a mind reading session, or a very good psychology session because she read me well. Twice, I laughed at how correct she was with little details only I could have known, she could not possibly be that good of a guesser!… or could she?

In terms of reading the future, it was more like a guidance which laid out my current situation, what possible paths I could chose, and the outcome of each which obviously is up to me, duh, but I wanted to know the nitty gritty which I got none of!

I would recommend to try it for yourself, simply for the experience but not to be taken too seriously. : )

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  1. June 22, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    Interesting… I recommend that everyone should do it – regardless of what your beliefs are. I went to my first when I was in my final year of school in Australia – and have since been back twice. At first I just laughed most of it off, but so many things have since came true – right down to finer details. She predicted a bad speeding ticket I received (right down to the location/reason), she predicted a car accident (right down to which section of the car would be hit), she said I’d move to England and a few more things! Insaneeeee!

    • Catch52
      June 25, 2014 / 8:49 am

      Damn! I’m still waiting for her predictions to happen, it was quite vague but I do remember some things. It’s an interesting experience nonetheless.

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