6 – Shabbat Shalom

Every single time I tried to make plans with my Jewish friend from work on a Friday, she had dinner plans! Eventually I started insisting that I come to one of these special dinners with her because I want to see what they are all about and voila, a few weeks later there was a big dinner event at the Marriott which 300 people attended.

There was such a community feel, people were there from all over the world who usually would spend their Friday evenings with their families at home. The idea of Shabbat is to take a break from everyday life and to focus on yourself and family.

The dinner was 4 courses and extremely filling. They served the traditional challah bread with a salmon starter, then there was soup, chicken and dessert to follow. In between the courses people would give speeches, sing and mingle. The rabbi would go around the tables and greet people, by the time he came to our table he was in a “good mood” to say the least, telling us that happiness is at the end of the bottles of alcohol we had on the table. If the rabbi said so then, yeah – pour it up, pour it up, that’s how they ball out!

This time the lack of photos on the post had nothing to do with me feeling embarrassed to take photos with my SLR like a loser who gets excited over food and everything else but because of the tradition, no electronics were used during the dinner.

Previously I would have tried to convince my friend to come out and meet me after her dinners but she always declined, now I know why! After that 4-course meal and all that red wine, the only place I was going was home to my precious beautiful cosy bed, Shabbat Shalom.

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