7 – The launch and tomorrow

So after weeks of working on this blog, going back and forth getting a headache deciding what host I should use, how my blog should look, what features I want etc, I came to the conclusion that by the time I am happy with this thing, the whole year would have passed, as my colleague said “stop being such a woman and don’t overthink it!” OK FINE here it is, I am laying it out there with my hand over my eyes, enjoy.

7 weeks into the year, I have kept my promise and done something new every week but as I am now making it public I want to take it to another level. For instance, after hours and hours of trying, guess who is going to Tomorrowland?!


It sounds like something out of Peter Pan but it’s not a funfair – it is THE biggest house festival. Not only will this be my first proper festival (Wireless does not count), I have never camped before in my life, and I know I will probably scream “EWW” a million times for a million different reasons but hey, being pushed out of my comfort zone was the deal.

This Tomorrowland festival will also be a part of my 2 week solo Europe trip. I have never travelled alone before, apart from staying 2 nights by myself in a hotel in Sweden after a business trip, it was boring and antisocial yet I was lucky enough to meet the people I am going to Tomorrowland with! Because that experience was somewhat isolating and took away from my whole aim of traveling on my own and meeting new people, I will also be staying in hostels for the first time… after of course reading every single review on the internet about the toilets and mattresses 0_o, and potential cockroaches, wish me luck.

I will run out of inspiration from time to time, therefore every 3 weeks, I will let you as a reader decide what my new catch is – leave your suggestions in the comment sections or e-mail catch52@live.com.

PS. if I reach 500 likes on Facebook by mid-April I am going to Skydive in May – Oh yes I did say it, so start spreading the news.

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    • February 19, 2014 / 8:54 pm

      I got it through Viagogo right after it sold out! The prices have shot up now but check it out you may find something :)

      • February 20, 2014 / 3:12 am

        Oh yeah. I’m actually considering doing that.

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