❣ 10k run – 4 weeks of no fun

My parents tried to put me in all kinds of sports when I was younger from ballet to volleyball to ice skating, all of which failed might I add. Once they even signed me up for a little run which was only 2.5 kilometers and luckily each child got a medal which stopped me from crying when I was among the last ones to reach the finish line – champion!

Today I signed up for a 10K run on the 23rd of March.


Now I know that it is not a 42K marathon but it is a big deal for me. Never have I ran that distance or any distance for that matter because I hate running, and also this time I am old enough to not be fooled by that pretty little shiny, fake, gold-looking medal, no… ツ I better try hard and make no excuses.

This means that I am going to start running 5 days a week in this London wind and rain, and also eat healthy – no fun for me for the next 4 weeks (apart from that one fun cheat day per week when I can binge on whatever and however much I want. My stacks of chocolate will be waiting patiently for me).

Wish me luck, let’s hope I am not amongst the 20 last people in the race this time!

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