9 – Fuerzabruta

Fuerza-what…? That’s what I thought. As my catch this week I went to see a sold out Argentinian circus show which is having it’s last show in London tonight. The only circus I remember going to was when I was little where there were clowns and smelly animals involved, this was far from it.


The show kicked off with some really good catchy music – it was almost like a mix of d&b/samba and I felt like I was back in South America. Meanwhile, there was a bunch of 5 girls tangled amongst each other swinging all over the place above the audience.

During the majority of the show there was man who was running on a treadmill, running and running, before he got shot 3 times in 3 different repeated scenes. Oh, and he also ran through some cardboard boxes.

By this time I was thinking, did I miss the plot? I had no clue what he was running from or what this show was supposed to be about. Soon I realised that there was no plot and the scenes were not connected to each other at all.

My favourite part of the show was two transparent pools hanging from the ceiling where the performers were dancing and creating cool patterns in the water. The pool was eventually lowered down to the level of the audience so at one point it got a little creepy because what if it fell down? Especially with the way they were just throwing themselves in that plastic pool.


Next thing we knew we had to get down on our knees and I still don’t know why. The DJ dropped some music similar to the intro and suddenly it was like a night club where people were actually dancing. Basically the energy was really what made the show – it was constantly upbeat with the music so definitely have a few drinks in advance!


Overall the show was quite odd, a bit of a mess and made no sense but in a good way! It was not really a theatre, not really a circus, not really an art gallery and not really a night club. The weirder it got, the more I like it because I’m a fan of eccentric thingsā€¦

The whole show was standing and lasted for around 80 minutes, see the trailer below.
Verdict: 7/10

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