Launch party @ Corney & Barrow

On Wednesday I was invited to the opening party at Corney and Barrow – Old Broad Street to celebrate the redesign of their original bar and their new menu. Of course I had to bring my sister from another Mr/Partner in crime “S” who is not allowing me to put up photos of her on this occasion! She did look amazing as always though and I will get her permission one day.

We rushed to the bar straight after work for some much needed free drinks and some canapés (which were very disappointing).

The interior did look great and it looks much better than the other C&Bs I have been to. The dimmed lights along with the combination of gold and black walls made it look very classy. I can not compare it to what it looked like before the redesign though because I had never been.


The service was lacking in my opinion, the staff may have been busy but they were not very attentive and the queue for the drinks was very long. Once we got to the bar we were greeted by very cheery bartenders throwing around the Grey Goose bottles which were being promoted during the event. They put together some vodka martinis – boy were they strong.

From the drink trays being carried around we also picked up a whisky drink (we did not know this when taking it but hey, drinks should NEVER be wasted so bottoms up!)



One thing that I would recommend to try is the Strawberry Daiquiri – gorgeous. Although the interior looked very nice, it is just like another city bar with no wow factor and it suits the age group of 30+. We soon got bored until we met a fun bunch who we went to dinner with… random?

We hopped on to Brasserie Blanc on Threadneedle Street for some tartare, steak, bellinis, funny conversations and most importantly a good laugh because a menu got set on fire! (It wasn’t us, it was them). S quickly picked up the menu and the waitress started stomping on it like she was rehearsing for a hip-hop video, and it looked like it was not the first time that had happened – pro.

We then moved on to Andaz Hotel for some more Bellinis which were miles better than Brasserie Blanc’s. Apparently this place is the City Broker’s meet-up spot, so whoever needs or is looking for a broker for whatever reason, here is the spot to be.

It is true what they say – the best nights are the unplanned ones, we had a blast.

TIP – Drink coconut water before you sleep I swear it helped and it is my new hangover cure, try it!

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