10 – Launch 2 @ Brazil Pop Up Diner

So this was the week of launches! On Wednesday I went to the launch of C&B and today it was time for the launch of Brazil Pop Up Diner “A series of supper club style events that take diners on a culinary journey through Brazil”. This pop up takes you through the cuisines of the 12 cities hosting the world cup throughout 12 weeks, leading up to June.

http://www.brazilpopupdiner.com – it looks alright doesn’t it?

Firstly let me start off with the promotion of this event as well as the presentation. Don’t be fooled by the word supper club, in Latin America this means underground restaurant, and underground it was.


This restaurant was based downstairs in a run-down pub which was meant to be opening it’s doors at 12, yet orders were not being taken until 12.40 and it took 20 minutes for a drink to arrive.

Not to mention there was no entertainment meanwhile and the vibe was dead with no sound of anything playing in the background – things were still being set up. So much for showcasing Brazilian cocktails and music. As annoyed as I was at this, the drink was very nice and the pretty lime almost made it worth the 20 minute wait!


The staff knew nothing about the menu and kept blaming it on this being their first day – if it is the launch then surely a certain standard should be set. Not to my surprise, the food took a long time to arrive and only after 10 minutes of making my order I was asked how I would like my meat cooked. Having said the above though, overall I was pleasantly surprised with the actual food.

For starters we were served sautéed crab meat in coconut milk and grilled cheese cubes.


For the main course we had sundried filet mignon, plantain puree (highlight), cassava and green salsa.


The cheesecake dessert with guava jam was a let-down, this was too sweet and a little dry.


At the end of the event we were promised a goodie bag and got a small pack of CoCo Vita in a CoCo Vita bag, along with some leaflets… I was jumping up and down from excitement because this special CoCo Vita is not available in any corner shops near me, no.

Anyway, if this took place in somewhere like Guanabara or Floridita and the management/staff knew what they were doing, it could have had great potential because the food wasn’t bad and the excitement over the world cup is there. Unfortunately the organisation, service and presentation was terrible and I would therefore not recommend it to anybody, don’t bother.

Verdict – 3/10.

As soon as the dessert was finished, guess who was fast out the door? There was no way I was going to miss the very rare London sun for this!


Off to Primrose Hill I went to meet my friend, I was so happy that the sun was still out. This was my first time in Primlose Hill (I know, 7 years later), the place is full of young and trendy people and it is not as spread out as other parks in London which makes it seem more sociable.

The place is great for people watching but I just knocked out in the sun whilst in shock that it is only March and started picking the grass as I always do.



After covering my jacket in grass we moved on to another sun spot, The Pembroke. Grab your seats early because there is no space in the outdoor garden otherwise.




Eat – Sleep – Sun – Repeat
I can do that all day, everyday.

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  1. Jasmine
    March 14, 2014 / 5:25 pm

    Hi, do you know where the next pop up will be? how can I find out?

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