11 – I committed a crime

You wish! And even if I did I would not be silly enough to post it on my blog like these people that get caught on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. This was Heist, a set-up robbery which took place in the old BBC Studios on Marylebone High Street. Little was revealed about Heist when we purchased the tickets apart from that they will help us get in and help us get out, the rest is up to us.

Upon arrival we walked into a library looking place and told the receptionist that we were there for Heist, she looked at us very suspiciously asking if we meant Mr Spotless? We said no… Heist. She repeated, are you SURE you don’t have an appointment to see Mr Spotless?

At this point we rolled our eyes at each other thinking what the #&@% is this #&@% we bought and why have we ended up at some dental practice? Suddenly we realised – AH YES of course we are here to see Mr Spotless! As instructed, we followed the signs up to the 3rd floor.


Since we knew that we wouldn’t be committing any actual crimes, we thought we may as well get up to no good to get in the mood.



On the 3rd floor we found a cupboard which was actually a door and inside was a bar where we met a man with the alias “One Step” (could he do the two step?). He introduced us to our accomplices and gave us each a cover name, Dan was Hakkisak, Naz was Lollipop and I was Lukewarm. What gave him the inspiration to call me lukewarm I wonder, hot/cold, I don’t know?

We entered a poker room where we met Doyle, a vulgar Irish criminal who was swearing and shouting at us. It turned out that he had organised the crime and needed us, a group of 8 amateurs, to steal a painting for him and we would get a share if we succeeded. Mr Spotless is the cleaning company which was set up as a cover in order to enter the premises unnoticed.

Without revealing too much, we had to navigate our way through 4 floors, hiding from CCTV cameras and security guards whilst communicating through walkie talkies, dressed up as cleaners. The task itself was pretty simple and not complicated to carry out.

I couldn’t take this thing seriously though, I was in tears laughing almost the whole time. It is like when I’m in a classroom and the teacher is very serious and is getting angry, there is no way I can keep a straight face. There was a particular guy in our group, he was so into it you would almost think that he thought there would be some real money involved at the end of this, chill out brother you wish.

Before entering the office, both One Step and Doyle emphasise “don’t get caught!”. If I could give a piece of advice for those who are going to this, it would be – GET CAUGHT. It seems like this is the part where the actual excitement comes in.

If I could do it all over again I would get caught, pretend I don’t speak English like the Consuela from Family Guy, swear at the security guards, turn on my whole team and keep all the money from the painting to myself, HA! There are 17 different outcomes to this story that you are playing out so have fun with it, twist the plot as much as you want.

£22 – Check it out at www.heistlive.com
Marylebone Gardens
35 Marylebone High Street

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  1. Lilly
    March 22, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    I want to try that! Cool post. But the guy on the video looks like a right tool…

    • March 22, 2014 / 4:03 pm

      Oh he is! But try it, it’s a good laugh.

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