Urban street food fest

On Saturday I went to check out the Urban Street Food Fest in Shoreditch, located in a carpark next to Shoreditch High Street station which was very easy to find.

Going into the carpark my stomach was yelling “food, food, food!”. I have tried my very best to stay away from junk food for my own personal reasons this past month, and alcohol for that matter, but that’s another topic. Due to the lack of seating inside, people were already gathering up right outside to eat their food. The sun was shining brightly and the carpark was packed, that is what I like to see – the vibe was good.





What makes this stand out from food festivals is that it’s more like a food market, and a night one at that! It is open on Saturdays from 5PM to midnight, so dress warm and stand near benches giving people evil looks until they get up. That way you can have a nice place to sit, eat and drink all evening. Wine/beer cost around £6 and the food prices range from £6-10 on average.



Although the selection of food is good, the place is not very big so do walk around the whole place before jumping at any food that you come across because it all looks good. After careful consideration I chose Peruvian food – a premium beef sandwich served with quinoa salad, grilled potatoes and a selection of Peruvian sauces.


There was nothing premium about that beef, not to mention it wasn’t served very warm – those sauces were what made the dish nice. There was a stall though which served melted cheese sandwiches that looked great and I think it may definitely be worth a try.


Other stalls consisted of burgers, pizzas, crepes, Mexican and South African food etc.



For dessert I had a pastel de nata (a Portuguese pastry). I also tried a Nutella and a coconut brownie – don’t judge me! All were alright, but not mouthwatering.


Don’t go there expecting gourmet food, street food is exactly what you will get. Looking at the food which was on offer last year, it seems like this year was a little bit of a let down but don’t let that put you off. The music and the vibe was good, and I’m sure you can find very nice food from other stalls. Besides, after a few drinks, would you even care? This food fest will run until June and it’s a great place to hang out on a summer evening. 

Euro Car Park – Shoreditch High Street, E1 6HU

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