I told you I would get to the happy part! Somehow myself and my friend got to go to the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona last weekend, really last minute with no planning (this is the kind of catch52 I’m talking about!). After the taxi journey from hell we were on our way and finally got there in the end, better late than never.


Barcelona is the first European race of the Grand Prix season. The weather could not have been any better. As soon as you walk through the ticket gate, the atmosphere is buzzing and everyone is walking around preparing for the qualifying, mostly drinking and shopping. The circuit is massive!


Before the qualifying, we took advantage of the food in the Silver VIP area as we had been rushing so we wanted to wind down. The vibe inside was a lot more calm and people were just there to relax (I was pretty much the only person taking photos in there…no shame but for a good cause!).



After a quick bite we headed to our seats.


It felt a bit surreal sitting there. Growing up I loved playing race car computer games, especially Daytona USA, so whilst watching it I almost felt like I should be holding a controller.



I must admit that I would probably have understood more about the whole race if I watched it on TV. Sitting in the actual circuit you only see a part of the race and with the cars passing so fast – you don’t know who’s who, and who’s in what position.

It was really cool to see all these fast cars and damn they were fast! It was a challenge to capture them but I did get a snap of Lewis’ race car. 


After the qualifying we walked around the circuit.



We managed to get a little sneak peak into the Gold VIP area and  grandstand D. It looked great and you get to see all the action first hand. If you don’t like sitting in the sun all day, this area is fully covered and no wonder they tell you to bring earplugs because it was LOUD. I couldn’t hear myself speaking but oh there was still something exciting about that sound!



The day ended up being great! We left and headed for dinner, some celebrity spotting was to follow, stay tuned for more on that and the race day : ).

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