Having gone there the first day and realized that this is more of a casual event, we dressed down on the race day and even left my beloved SLR at the hotel (so excuse the not so great zoomed photos). Sunday was completely dedicated to enjoying the race and  soaking up the atmosphere.


This time we arrived early enough and the silver area was of course much busier than the day before. People were excited and getting ready, eating and having drinks – all provided by Aramark. The sun was popping in and out so the weather ended up being beautiful even on Sunday.

You could tell that people were there for the race and the race only. There was not much picture taking, mingling and mixing going on inside, something which I always like to do but I loved it nonetheless! Having my lovely friend by my side though, who needs other company. We had a great time and ate until we dropped, doing what we do best.



We had the same seats as the day before in Grandstand I. Before the race, the teams got on to the track for the drivers parade and waved as they were driving through – the crowd went wild. A funny thing that we noticed was that they were texting on their phones while driving, sneaky!


After this, the cars lined up and were ready to race, it was intense and you could hear the crowd cheering!


With every lap the teams got further and further apart. I must say that I found it amazing how quickly they changed tires, I still don’t understand how that is physically possible!


We already knew that Lewis Hamilton would win the Formula 1 race but the distance between him and Nico Rosberg in the end was tight. He narrowly won the Spanish Grand Prix after a close battle with Nico Rosberg towards the end of the race by just 0.6 seconds! Interestingly the two main competitors were in the Mercedes team.

Lewis got his trophy filled with champagne which he splashed all over his face and gave a speech from the Paddock.


The Paddock is the ultimate VIP – good luck trying to get in there! (For the sake of my blog, I did casually try to crash my way passed it but obviously my badge was insufficient :D oh well)

All of the excited people were let on to the track afterwards.



We after-partied at the W hotel with the Red Bull team in the building.
Apparently that’s where they were staying.



Something about the energy and excitement of a massive crowd always gets to me, it doesn’t matter where I am. This was my first official tick off my bucketlist this year and hopefully there will be many more to come – cheers!


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