27 – Weekend in Lisbon

Last weekend, I ticked off another country on my list – Portugal! The timing couldn’t have been better. I had my bags packed last Thursday as I came into the office for my last day at work.

My mom and I visited Lisbon and we both fell in love with it. After Athens, this is my 2nd favorite city in Europe.

Lisbon is not like other European capitals. There is something so authentic about this place and the fact that it’s not mainstream makes it even better, it’s beautiful.

Here is a little photo gallery of our Journey.

We started off in the Galleries Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 3, courtesy of Avios.



The hotel we stayed in was Sofitel Lisbon, it’s highly recommended.


The weekend was spent relaxing, eating and sightseeing. The first day was spent in a beach town called Cascais just 40 minutes on the train from Lisbon. The water was like ice but hey, as if the water in the UK is much warmer right?




Snapping her, snapping me.



Everything in Lisbon was authentic, even the construction work had style.

Think of Rio vs San Fransisco vs Europe, that is what Libson is.


Our 2nd day was spent getting lost around Libson (more so than the first day). Normally my mom hates walking but she was not complaining this time (surprisingly) because every corner that we turned, there was something new to be discovered. In fact, I recommend people to walk aimlessly and get lost because that was the best part.



Here is the only part that wasn’t improvised, I was determined to visit the Christ The Redeemer inspired Christo Rei. It was a trek getting there and even worse getting back but it was worth it.





Reviews of BA Business Class and Sofitel Hotel, as well as tips on Lisbon, are to follow shortly. All in all Lisbon was amazing, it was also a great way of closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Everything about this trip was just perfect, especially with the company of my wonderful mother. It was quality time at it’s finest.

Right now I’m in the middle of studying and exams, hence the delayed post again. This is what I wanted though, a challenge! 2 exams done, 11 to go. Next stop – Belgium x

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