Thoughts about my first solo trip

Will it live up to the allmighty American dream?

So, it feels like only yesterday I started this blog and booked my flight to the US in the spur of the moment for my first solo trip. Now it’s less than one week away, on Friday I will be hopping on that plane. Only 3 weeks ago I booked the internal flights and accommodation, last minute as always. I narrowed it down to 4 locations – New York, Las Vegas, San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking and let me assure you that I too find it strange that I’m going Vegas on my own. Let’s see if I’m able to turn the table and make it a fun weekend. It’s Labour Day weekend after all so there should be a good crowd around. Otherwise I will just casually hang around like a loser in a casino somewhere next to some gambler, no problem.

I’ve had mixed feelings about going alone for the past few weeks. Most days I’m like: Yeah! Bring it on! I don’t need anyone! Some days I feel like I’m going all across the world and seeing all of these places and will have nobody to share it with. This is the reason that I chose to stay at hostels in all cities apart from Vegas, there I would actually not dare.

The trip could not have come at a better time. I’ve been on a few trips this summer and all have been great. Doing short trips in between a whole new work schedule and ongoing exams though has been hectic. For some reason, I’ve increasingly placed myself in a little shell lately so the best time to travel alone is right now. Sometimes you just get that feeling you can’t put your finger on and I’ve not snapped out of it. When you’re in that mood I guess you can’t force it.

I’m hoping this trip will bring my energy and excitement back (it is starting to already). I hope to find the mood again to get out there and get to know new people. Most importantly I think this trip will help me put certain things in to perspective again.

At this moment I’ve not had much time to think about the trip. I’ve not even sorted out my visa business (as I’m typing this out I remember I had a nightmare last night about the lack of preparation for this trip!). One thing I do know is that when I’m in the US, I’m making sure that I won’t have the time to think about anything to do with London. I will be getting a new phone number as well while I’m out there. This is my time and mine only, as selfish as that may sound and I can not wait! Who knows, maybe once I get a taste of solo-traveling I won’t stop.

I’m excited to meet new people and especially travellers like myself. The weather is already looking sexy and I’m looking forward to the beaches, lounges and rooftops. As always, I’ve got a long list of food I want to try so excuse me if I start looking increasingly chubby in my photos as I go along. 

In terms of what I’m going to be doing there, I don’t actually know! I’ve tried not to plan too much but I have rough ideas of the things I want to do and see. Since I will be out there on my own I will go with the flow. Who knows who I may meet and what plans they might have? They say the best times you have are the ones you don’t plan so bring it on.

One thing that has been planned set in stone is Grand Canyon. There is absolutely no way I will go all the way there and not see this wonder. It is on my bucket list after all.


During the trip, I promise to make time to actually write as I’ve been horrible with it lately and you can guess why now. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do during my 7-hour flight. I’m very grateful to be going on this trip and happy that I’ve managed to save up enough to do this. It’s time to start packing up, forget about everything and just go! #Leggo I’m ready.

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  1. 365traveldates
    August 24, 2014 / 9:01 pm

    we originally had grand canyon on the list for this trip a few days ago and made a last min change of plans (morning of) to go to vegas instead. weather reports werent to great. but we did drive through the petrified forest national park. amazing! did u make it to the grand canyon this week?

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