Orange is the new black

On my last day in San Fransisco I visited Alcatraz, one of most infamous prisons in the world. This was actually the only tourist attraction that I really wanted to see. I almost missed it by running late to the ferry. They tell you to be there 30 minutes before but 5 minutes is still ok. Remember to book it well in advance as it sells out very early.

Alcatraz Island Federal Penitentiary Jail Cells


The island was very interesting with so much history. There was something mysterious that really drew me to this place. The weather was cloudy and gloomy on the day that I went as well.

Hearing about the escape and the attempts made was the most interesting part for me. Imagine that 3 people actually managed to escape Alcatraz. Nobody really knows if they even made it out of the island alive or not.


This is a fake head used as a cover-up for the escape and it worked.


Also, standing in the cells, it was weird to imagine actually living there. It reminded me of Orange Is The New Black or Prison Break etc. The prison looked like no joke, inmates were locked up for very serious crimes.


I’m usually not a fan of audio tours but this one was very well organized, using the voice of actual guards and prisoners. The isolation the prisoners must have felt by being so close and yet so far from the bay of San Fransisco was made very real.


You can stay on the island all day if you want. I definitely recommend this tour. Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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