52 – Paris day 1

On Friday morning we arrived in Paris after a long night on iDBUS, I will write a full review about the whole experience in another post. Trust me, it needs its own post. We headed straight to our apartment was booked via Air BnB which was located in the middle of Montmartre. The area is so cosy and sweet, I’m so happy with our choice of location. We relaxed for a little bit “at home” before heading out to explore the area because a combination of 4 cranky/tired ladies isn’t good.

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.
The area is full of beautiful streets filled with restaurants and shops. Crepe Brocaliande was unfortunately shut during our visit but this crepe place is highly recommended by locals as well as tourists on Tripadvisor.

We visited a beautiful church nearby called Sacre Ceur. You get an amazing view over Paris from there, imagine this place on a summer day.

DSC_04422014-12-25 17.49.29
We came to the conclusion that we want to get one of those selfie sticks for our next holiday for fun, why not?

The church is goergous inside and out. I always like to go to church whenever I am abroad especially to take a moment to be grateful for everything.

2014-12-25 18.17.522014-12-25 18.19.46
Hunt for the best macaron.

I left sightseeing plans for my older sister to organise (thank you) but one big thing on my agenda was to find the macaron. Having done my fair share of research online I narrowed it down to two shops – Pierre Hermes and Laduree. Laduree is known as the classic mother of all macarons in Paris but Pierre Hermes has worked it’s way up there as one of the best by giving unique flavors which are nothing like your average macarons. This includes flavors like passion fruit, rose and truffle.

As they are known for their unique flavors I decided to be adventourous and try passion fuit and truffle. I don’t mean to be disresepctful but the truffle one was.. not my type to say the least.  I may have picked the wrong one as it may be an acquired taste but the passion fruit macaron didn’t stand out for me either. The winner is Laduree.

Not only for macarons but everything about it. Their pastries and cakes as well as interior is pure art. Yes it may be amongst the most expensive ones but there is a reason for it. I will let the queue speak for itself.

My favourites are Pistachio and Vanilla. You must try these.

Moulin Rouge

In the evening after endless amount of walking around looking for a  restaurant we all agreed on, we went to check out the famous Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge is basically like Soho in London but leaning more towards the Red Light District in Amsterdam. It is a pretty entertaining area. You can go there for a good laugh or for other things you may fancy… if you know what I mean…. its worth a visit either way!

2014-12-26 00.10.32
More photos are available but they wouldn’t be too appropriate for this post. The rain started pouring like crazy in the early evening so we decided to call it a night and be refreshed for all the sightseeing in the morning!

With the weather and all that walking we decided to take a taxi. Of course as tourists we got ripped off and locked in a taxi for questioning the ridiculous 2 minute fare price. Why does this always happen? I am a strong believer in Karma though – may karma come back and bite him in the @$$.


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  1. Lauren.hk
    January 4, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    Cool trip! Your family are all stunning!

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