My 27th birthday in Marbella

OUCH, I’ve hit 27 now! I feel a 2nd round of quarter life crisis may be around the corner.

I have a tradition to never work on my birthday, in fact, I had taken the whole week off. There was no particular plan and no traveling intended (I swear). I just wanted a nice week off to myself. Naz, my travel partner in crime, wanted to surprise me to a little road trip within the UK. Luckily we escaped because the weather was terrible here apparently – instead we were so kindly offered the key to a free house in Marbella. Thank you again!

Usually our itineraries are jam-packed with exploring and things to do… not this time. We went for 3.5 days and didn’t do much apart from eat, sleep, tan – repeat (results have been great by the way!). On my actual birthday though we decided to go to La Sala Beach Club, formerly Buddha Bar, as it was close by and all we wanted was to enjoy some drinks, sun and sea in a beautiful setting.

The pool area crowd is very “TOWIE” (The Only Way Is Essex). Its not exactly the place to come if you want to mingle with the locals but its great for people-watching!

As we just wanted some relaxation we headed straight down to the quiet beach section where nobody was on a Tuesday. Knowing this, we had even sneaked in our own little picnic which isn’t allowed but oh well, nobody noticed, too late now! Its was the beach after all, not the actual beach club. The day after they had to “confiscate” my poor bottle of water which wasn’t even allowed to stay in my bag, I hope they took great care of it.

DSC_2028Food-wise they are mostly known for their Thai food, which we preferred over the Caesar salad we had on the last day. Maybe the underlying reason I didn’t like the Caesar was because the bees around me seemed to all love it and wouldn’t let me eat in peace.
I hate bees!

DSC_2051 DSC_2057The place itself is definitely overpriced for what it is, as is most of Marbella we found. Luckily a few staff members made the visit worth it. Shoutout to Dominique, Morgan and Nicolo who joined our silly game of guessing where we are from. They had 3 guesses, or drinks on them. It was a game we knew we were going to win. We got Romania, Russia and China, and 2 cocktails! Birthdays are always a great excuse to hustle drinks.

DSC_2073 DSC_2071
After relaxing a little at the apartment, we went for dinner at La Moraga. I wore a dress maxi-dress from Bershka.

It seems the peak season hits in Marbella around end of July/August so everywhere was relatively quiet. The restaurant had some interesting dishes. I liked the Mozzarella truffle salad and the Croquettes.

DSC_2117 DSC_2116And my Bday treat :) chocolate of course!

DSC_2136I’ve heard that for true quality/good value food, you should head into Marbella town and not Puerto Banus. We didn’t venture out much but we did find Piucaro which offers fresh food for good value.

Thank you Naz for the lovely treats xx. We both got to finally unwind and switch off. Like true grannies we celebrated in style and were in bed by 11PM. Such crazy party animals we are – Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies is officially our 2015 summer tune 

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  1. June 29, 2015 / 7:25 am

    Many happy returns and glad you’re back! X

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