Yves Saint Laurent’s Jardin de Majorelle

We had reached our last day in Marrakech. A day we planned to just spend relaxing by the pool and getting our last bit of sunshine before returning to the cold old UK. I woke up in the morning and the first thing my mom told me was that its raining outside. I thought she was joking but opening the curtains I was gutted to find grey clouds. We didn’t have a plan B! I hadn’t even considered rain as an option. Luckily the hotel staff suggested that we visit Jardin De Majorelle. We Googled some images and headed off straight away to avoid the afternoon rain that we saw on the weather forecast.

DSC_1511This hidden garden in the middle of the city was previously owned by the late designer Yves Saint Laurent and was initially designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle. Interestingly he loved the garden so much that he wanted his ashes spread there when he died in 2008 and a memorial was built in his name. We stepped into the garden and it was so unexpected! The pictures we saw on Google didn’t do it justice. You’d never think there is such beauty right in the middle of the city.

Due to the Moroccan weather it wasn’t your typical colourful garden. Jardin de Majorelle is filled with trees and exotic plants. The colour was more in the interior with a theme of shocking blue and yellow – my kind of combination! (representing Sweden)

DSC_1530It doesn’t take long to walk around the actual garden. You can be in and out in 30 minutes. We walked around in a very relaxed pace, sat down and ate at the beautiful terrace cafe and of course took plenty of photos! Actually, we went a little crazy on the photos. How long you spend in the garden is completely up to you. There is also a museum and a very expensive gift shop right at the end of the path.

DSC_1641 DSC_1577DSC_1627
I’m actually very happy now that the weather wasn’t great because it brought us to this beautiful garden and we avoided the usual queue. It turned out to be an amazing day and I would definitely recommend Jardin De Majorelle to anyone visiting Marrakech. The entrance fee is 70 Dh which works out to be around £5. The fastest way to get to the Jardin Majorelle is via taxi which should cost around 50 Dh from the Medina. Get there early in the morning to avoid crowds!

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