Encore Hotel Las Vegas Review

A year after my solo trip to the US, I’m still reminiscing about my stay at Encore in Vegas during Labour Day weekend. I associate this hotel with one of the best times of my life and I wasn’t ready to leave after just 3 days.
Maybe it was because I had been staying at a hostel in New York for almost a week (for the first time in my life).
Maybe it was because they took such good care of me while I was traveling alone.
May I remind you this is where prince Harry had his infamous Vegas pictures taken.
Whatever the reason, Encore is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Why? 

Encore doesn’t consist of rooms, the suite is the “smallest” you can get. I stayed on the peaceful 22nd floor with a beautiful view over Vegas. Avoid lower floors if you can because those are the ones effected by the parties at night (the best parties may I add, no wonder there is noise!)

I slept like a little baby in their big and comfortable bed, all to myself. The suite itself is spacious, modern and clean. The bedroom area overlooks the “living room” and of course Vegas through the floor-to-ceiling window. Imagine waking up to that view, beautiful. Note, if you pick something up in the mini bar you’re automatically charged after 60 seconds. There is a Walgreen’s  supermarket 10 minutes walk from the hotel by Palazzo FYI if you’re feeling peckish. I can’t fault the suite or it’s facilities at all.

Encore is connected to Wynn hotel which makes it enormous. The property, restaurants and clubs are amazing. I tried the buffet and must say it was one of the best buffets I’ve had in terms of variety and quality. It has everything (must like the hotel). The decor throughout the hotel wouldn’t be my first choice of interior but its chic and colourful. The hotel is literally like a little playgroup, you can make many (temporary) friends by the casino tables – chatting, playing and getting served free alcohol while throwing away big bucks.. or pennies in my lame case.

DSC_0268 DSC_0276Literally everything that you need is in these 2 hotels – shows, shopping, casinos, food, parties and swimming pools, you name it, they’ve got it! The swimming pools close at 8pm. Encore guests have access to Wynn Pools. There is a special European pool for adults only which has a casino in the water. This one is obviously less lively than the beach club but much better vibe than the family pools. I spent a whole afternoon here with frozen cocktails, good company and chilled out music playing in the background.

DSC_0463 DSC_0456It’s located on the end of the strip which may seem like a negative at first but this means it is away from the craziness.

Oh the parties… The casino and pool may be more quiet on the Encore side but in terms of clubs – Encore kicks Wynn’s ass no doubt! Encore is the home of the world famous Encore Beach Club, Surrender and XS, what more do you need? The beach club blew me away. If you’re looking to party, seek out Timothy Branch

I’m personally tired of clubs, the crowd and the general atmosphere, hence I didn’t visit XS (especially as I was alone). The beach club had a more social vibe and the fact that it was outdoors made it less claustrophobic. I literally turned up at Encore Beach Club by myself on the last day. The good vibes were all over the place! XS is still on my list to go though, next time when I’m actually with people.

I was wondering how it’s possible to party in that heat but you don’t even feel it, just keep hydrated (not only with alcohol!). At 10AM on weekends there is already a big queue outside so make sure you’re early and that you’ve spoken to one of the promoters in advance. The music is a good mix of house and mainstream music. The cheapest glass of wine comes at $16 and the cloakroom price is $12 (ouch). Maybe bring a waterproof pouch for your valuables. The best thing about staying at Encore is that you get to party, then go straight upstairs and sleep.


When I first got to Encore I wasn’t fully convinced that I had chosen the best hotel, however, I took an evening out to walk down the whole strip, checking out at least 8 hotel casinos, came back to my hotel and thought yes – this is the one!

One of my complaints though is that Wi-Fi costs $15 per day. If you’re already paying such a high price for the hotel, the least they can do is to provide you with Wi-Fi. I also wouldn’t recommend the Terrace Pointe Cafe, as the food was very standard and the staff not so welcoming.

The best rate that I found online for Encore was at Travel Republic and it came with $100 hotel credit – yaw. So the big question is – Encore or Wynn? I’d say Wynn is for the more mature adults and Encore is for the younger party people. For those traveling alone, Encore is definitely a good option. Hats off Steve Wynn! 5*


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