Aman Da Bravo review – Frescobaldi pop up from Istanbul

Frescobaldi is quickly becoming one of my favourite restaurants here in London. If you saw my post on the winemakers dinner, you’ll know why. One glance at the interior and you may find yourself in love as well. Right off Regent Street hides this beautiful Italian restaurant which has now started welcoming pop ups from around the world.

Last month they welcomed Aman Da Bravo from Istanbul. Aman Da Bravo puts a twist on traditional Turkish dishes and  keeps the menu pretty simple yet innovative. Their menu changes seasonally but for the September pop up, we got to try to below dishes.

From the appetisers we all agreed that the Turkish lamb dumplings (£12) were the winners. Being Iranian though I equally really liked the liver marinated in molasses, served with tabouleh (£15). Although it may sound like something of an acquired taste its a dish worth trying. Both dishes were fresh and flavoursome.

For the mains, again focusing my attention solely on the meat, I thoroughly enjoyed both the lamb neck with baby artichokes  (£24) and the octopus poached in red wine (£19). The octopus was by far the nicest and juiciest one I’ve had in my life. The flavour and texture were just flawless. The good thing is that both the starter and the main course had vegetarian options. Those dishes didn’t appeal to me as much though, simply out of preference.

Moving on to desserts, we had rice pudding (£9) and figs with curd cheese, drizzled with honey (£9). My personal favourite out of these two was the really sweet rice pudding with pomegranate on top. This reminded me very much of Iranian desserts and felt like something I’d have at home. The figs are the healthier option with lighter flavours. Although they were nice, I would have liked them with a bit more honey.

I really enjoyed my meal at Frescobaldi once again, this time with the courtesy of Aman Da Bravo. They will be having more pop ups coming up in the future so it’s worth keeping your eyes out on their social media, otherwise their Italian menu is also highly recommended.

15 New Burlington Pl,
London W1S 2HX

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