New Golden Age of Cocktails Menu at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane opened back in 1927 during the Golden Age of Cocktails. In honour of this era, a whole new cocktail menu has been created by Rebecca Seal. The cocktails are served in the Palm Court which has been recently refurbished and now has a beautiful purple / bronze interior.

The cocktail menu takes you back in history. It provides a guide on drinking etiquettes back in the day and the story behind each drink. The cocktail menu is sorted by the time of day, from midday to midnight, because there is obviously never a bad time to drink! As you make your way down the cocktail menu and times, the drinks get stronger. All drinks are priced at £14.

My personal favourite was The Classic Champagne Cocktail which is the 2PM drink usually served with afternoon tea. Its a classic glass of champagne mixed with a touch of brandy and a sugar cube to give it a sweet taste.
2PM Etiquette: Until the 1970s, ladies wore gloves much of the time. While it was fine to sip a cocktail wearing gloves, it was polite to remove them at mealtimes, even for finger sandwiches and cake. Naturally, gentlemen must also remove their hats.

Another drink I tried was the 7.30PM Americano. As its an evening drink it was a lot stronger and contained Campari and Vermouth which I did like, yet I preferred the sweeter champagne cocktail.
7.30PM Etiquette: Just as a chilled drink in a stemmed glass should be held by the stem to avoid warming the liquid, so should a tall high-ball or short rocks glass containing cold liquid be held by the base.

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I’ve always been a fan of Palm Court and with the recent refurbishment, the new cocktail menu just adds more character to the bar. Of course in this day and age the same high level of etiquette won’t apply. However, its a cute touch to go back in history as you’re going through your cocktails. As written in my previous reviews, Palm Court is always an unrushed and beautiful place to hang out in so I would recommend coming here for a drink.

Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7BX
Phone: 020 7499 6321

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