How to see Sydney in one day – 12 hour guide

During my trip to Australia, I stayed in Sydney for 4 days. Being the largest city in Australia, there is naturally so much to do. With limited time and unpredictable weather, I have to admit I didn’t manage my time properly. Thinking that 4 days was enough, I had taken it really easy on the sightseeing as I was still recovering from Melbourne and a jetlag. Suddenly on the last day I found myself panicking, trying to cram in as much as I possibly could in one day. Luckily with the tips from some of my Australian friends, I managed to put together a nice itinerary which isn’t too hectic and allows you to see the highlights of Sydney’s beach vs big city life.
Here is how you can see Sydney in one day:

MORNING: Coogee to Bondi walk
Sydney is famous for it’s surfer’s paradise, Bondi Beach. However, a walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach features six beaches and a number of coves and bays. I recommend starting from Coogee and making your way towards Bondi early in the morning. The walk may take up to 3 hours so its a great way to start your day, have a few dips along the way and end up at Bondi.

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Bondi Beach 
Bondi beach is great for surfing, people watching, sunbathing and brunches. Apart from taking a dip at the famous beach, you can also find a beautiful infinity pool called Bondi Icebergs Club. Entrance costs $6. The club provides lockers and towels for hire. On Bondi you should also visit the artworks displayed along the beach. Whilst strolling alongside the beach you’ll also notice quite a few bars and restaurants. My personal favourite was The Bucket List bar. The bar was lively, colourful and had a decent menu to choose from for snacks. Also, let’s not forget the beautiful surfer dudes behind the bar.

AFTERNOON: Watsons Bay lookout
Once you’ve soaked up some sun towards the afternoon, you can take bus 380 from Bondi to Watsons Bay which takes 20 minutes. Watsons Bay offers stunning hills and a beautiful lookout point. Note that there are several 380 buses, not all going to Watsons Bay, so ask the driver for the destination before getting on. The drive up to Watsons Bay reminded me of driving up the Hollywood hills. You get some beautiful views of Sydney on your way up and the houses are amazing.

From Watsons Bay you can take the ferry operated by Captain Cook back into Circular Quay which is where the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge are located. The ferry passes right under Sydney Bridge and you get some amazing angles of the opera house. The route is perfect for pictures and costs $7 one way.

EVENING: Circular Quay
You’ll arrive at the Circular Quay just in time for the early evening buzz. You can start by strolling around the harbour and getting those perfect photos of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge. Right before the sunset, settle down and unwind at the Opera Bar and have a drink with a priceless backdrop.

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Comment below if I’ve missed anything else in my guide on how to see Sydney in one day.

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