Menicucci Vini – the Alzavola range

June 21, 2017

I’ve always been a huge fan of wine. Recently thanks to a few Italian restaurants I’ve visited here in London, Italian wine has become one of my favorites. With so many beautiful wine regions, there is no shortage of unique and tasty wines coming from Italy. Menicucci Vini is one of the newest players in the market. As a celebration of their launch I got sent two bottles to try, one white and one red.

The first thing I noticed about the bottles was the beautiful sketch design which is very different from your usual supermarket wines. Menicucci hired artist Fabio Di Lizio for their Alzavola range. Each of their wines have a story to tell through their artistic labels and most importantly, Menicucci’s wines are organic. For those who don’t know, Alzavola is a duck, so Fabio used his sketches to combine nature with wine to tie in with Menicucci’s organic theme.

Trying the actual wines, Alzavola Bianco and Rosso, both are dry wines and extremely rich in flavour! They are not particularly sweet wines but rather intense. They do come with a nice freshness and the acidity is balanced, so they’re definitely not overpowering. The Alzavola range is one of many more to come, which will include sweet wines as well as sparkling.

Alzavola Bianco would go nicely with pasta, truffles, a large variety of fish and white meat dishes. The wine itself is a blend of 60% Pecorino and 40% Malvasia. Alzavola Bianco also has hints of honey and wildflowers.

Alzavola Rosso on the other hand would go well with red meat. Its a blend of 60% Montepulciano and 40% Merlot. Alzavola Rosso has a hint of cherry and plum, making it easy to drink and sweeter than the white wine.


Since they’re quite strong and dry wines, it probably wouldn’t be your choice for drinking on a night out. Both wines would be nicely paired with good quality food and are the sort that you’d find at high end restaurants. Needless to say I recomend giving them a try.

You can get 15% off using Catch52 as a promo code if you live in Europe. If you’d like to find out more you can head to their website and you can also follow them on Instagram.


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