Marriott Osaka Review

Recently during my visit to Japan I got to stay at the beautiful Marriott Osaka. Marriott Osaka is based in Japan’s tallest building and is located on top of Tennoji station which has excellent transport links to everywhere within Osaka, including JR lines. I have to admit that the entrance to the hotel is quite confusing and took me some time to find. There are dedicated hotel elevators from the street and B1/B2 levels of the subway. The lifts take you to the beautifully decorated lobby on the 19th floor.

The check-in was extremely quick and I was taken to my double room on the 43rd floor in no time. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the floor to ceiling view over Osaka. Everything in the room was clean and super modern. The colours throughout the room were quite neutral with a few bright touches here and there. In terms of amenities, there was the usual minibar etc. but I really liked the Nespresso machine in the room!

The toilet and shower area are completely separate, with the toilet being located at the entrance and bathroom by the bedroom. The toilet is quite small but very efficient! It’s a “washlet”. May I just add how much I love the heated Japanese toilet seats? It also does have a small corner sink for washing your hands. The bathroom consists of two rooms with the first part being a sink area, and the inner part has a tub and Japanese style shower area. The bathroom has a very wide range of toiletries.

I could have stayed by the window the whole night to watch the city lights but luckily I was given a pass up to the 360 degree sky deck on the 60th floor. With my SLR I sat there for over 1 hour to watch the sun set and it was stunning from every single direction.

Marriott Hotel Club Members can find an exclusive lounge on the 38th floor which serves breakfast and dinner along with an open bar in the evening. For all other visitors there’s a gym with the same amazing view over Osaka. Apart from the standard equipment, the gym offers everything you’d need from water bottles, towels to headphones, so you can just show up in your gym gear.

The breakfast buffet was served on the 19th floor. It was a mix between international and Japanese breakfast.

I can safely say that Marriott Osaka was the highlight of my Osaka trip. It’s one of the most beautiful and definitely tallest hotels I’ve stayed in. From the entrance of the hotel to the room, everything was ultra modern, chic and clean. I can not recommend it enough and really can not fault it. The room rates start from around £170 per night during low season.

1-1-43 Abeno-suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-0052, Japan
+81 6-6628-6111

My review visit to Marriott Osaka was complimentary but the views are my own and I’d never recommend something I don’t believe in.

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