Jalan Alor Night Market is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most famous street food markets. Perhaps it’s also the most touristic one.
This means that it’s not the prime spot for amazing Malay food but it’s a very fun market nonetheless where you can easily spend a couple of hours.

There’s a huge variety of food to be found here, from Malaysian cuisine to Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. It’s a great place for both light bites and full on meals. Whether you’re looking for seafood, pork, chicken, street snacks, desserts or exotic fruits, you’ll probably find it here. The prices are very affordable too.

The best time to visit is in the evening because that’s when you catch the real buzzing vibe of Jalan Alor! It’s worth doing a walk up and down the street to see what catches your eye before you start eating. We spent a good two hours there and below are my recommendations on where to eat at Jalan Alor Night Market.

Handmade Dim Sum
For only 10 ringgit (£1.80) you can have 8 dim sums. You can choose from freshly made pork, chicken, black pepper, shrimp and mushroom dim sums. They were all nice but I really liked the black pepper in particular.

Along Jalan Alor you’ll find many satay options along with seafood skewers. These are incredibly popular and sell so quickly that you’re almost guaranteed to get fresh meat. Look for the ones with the queues.

Sangkaya Coconut Sorbet
This creamy and refreshing coconut ice-cream is a must have for 6 ringgit (£1.10). It’s served in an actual coconut along with coconut pieces. You have the option to sprinkle any toppings of your choice ranging from red beans, cereal, shaved coconut flakes to corn.

What’s a visit to Malaysia without trying the (in)famous durian? You’ll either love it or absolutely hate it. It smells horrendous but tastes better than it smells, if that makes sense! I tried it and didn’t hate it but I wouldn’t rush back to buy it again. Watch my reaction in the video linked below.

Wong Ah Wah
Wong Ah Wah is a name that always comes up in the searches for where to eat in Jalan Alor and it’s a fairly decent option. They serve generously meaty honey-coated chicken wings at only 3 ringgit per piece (£0.50). The wings were saltier than expected but good nonetheless. If you’re feeling adventurous then also order the frog legs. I personally wasn’t a fan but you can say you tried them!

Have I missed any good spots? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. April 5, 2019 / 8:16 am

    Your faces when trying Durian are priceles !!!

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