Oman Tourist Guide – Top 8 things to do in Salalah 

Happy New Year everyone! Last month, I got to visit Oman for my very last trip of 2023, and it ended a busy travel year on a complete high. To say I fell in love with Oman would be an understatement. We were invited by the Tourism Board to explore the World of Frankincense just in time for Christmas. Let me tell you, there are so many things to do in Salalah. 

Salalah, in Southern Oman, is historically known as the primary region for the production of frankincense due to its unique climate and geography. The Boswellia sacra tree, which produces frankincense, thrives in this region. The resin extracted from the Boswellia sacra tree is believed to have some amazing healing properties. It’s used in its pure natural form as well as in health and beauty products for healthy digestion and nourishing the skin.

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Frankincense Wadi Dawkah

While experiencing the World of Frankincense, we also got to discover the beauty that Salalah has to offer – filled with natural wonders, hidden places, cultural richness, and warm hospitality. Whether you seek ancient history, breathtaking landscapes, or immersive experiences, Salalah has something for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore the top 8 things to do in Salalah.

1. Explore the UNESCO Heritage Site, Wadi Dawkah, and Uncover the World of Frankincense:

Embark on a journey back in time at the UNESCO Heritage Site, Wadi Dawkah, where ancient traditions meet modern wellness. This site offers a glimpse into the ancient world of frankincense as you wander through Wadi Dawkah, which has the largest concentration of Boswellia sacra trees in the southern Dhofar region.

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Frankincense Wadi Dawkah Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Frankincense Wadi Dawkah Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Frankincense Wadi Dawkah

2. Discover the Majestic Waterfalls of Wadi Darbat:

Nature lovers will be mesmerized by the picturesque waterfalls of Wadi Darbat. As you hike through this serene oasis, you’ll be greeted by beautiful falls, lush greenery, and tranquil lakes. Enjoy the soothing ambience, and soak in the beauty of nature.

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Wadi Darbat

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Wadi Darbat

3. Relax on Salalah’s Hidden and Secluded Beaches:

If you’re looking for hidden places in Salalah then you’re in for a treat. Escape the crowds and find peace on the hidden and secluded beaches of Salalah. With their pristine shores and crystal-clear waters, these hidden gems provide the perfect setting for relaxation. Relax in the golden sunlight and listen to the sound of waves.

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Hidden Beaches

4. Go Dolphin Watching:

Take a boat trip on the Arabian Sea for a dolphin-watching experience. Salalah’s coastal waters are home to a rich variety of dolphins that play in the waves. Enjoy watching these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

5. Indulge in the Flavors of Omani Cuisine:

Experience the warm hospitality of Omani restaurants and try authentic dishes that reflect the region’s cultural heritage. The food in Salalah is delicious and diverse, incorporating a range of Middle Eastern flavours and cooking techniques, including cooking on hot stones. For those with a sweet tooth – make sure you try Omani Halwa. 

6. Visit the Salalah Souq for Shopping and Local Treasures:

Enjoy the Salalah Souq, a marketplace where history and tradition come alive. Stroll through the narrow alleys filled with colourful textiles, silverware, aromatic spices, oud, incense and Frankincense. Don’t forget to haggle as you explore the local treasures and find unique souvenirs to remember your Salalah experience.

7. Take a Scenic Drive Along the Breathtaking Coastal Road:

Hop on a road trip along Salalah’s stunni coastal road, a route that offers breathtaking views at every turn. Expect crystal clear waters and camels along the roads, mountains as well as on the beaches. Stop at picturesque viewpoints, capture unforgettable photographs, and soak in your surroundings.

Top things to do in Salalah Oman - Camels on the beach

8. Discover Vibrant Marine Life through Snorkeling or Diving in the Arabian Sea:

Dive into the waters of the Arabian Sea and unlock a world of vibrant marine life. Explore the coral reefs, swim alongside colourful fish, and be amazed by the underwater wonders.


Salalah, Oman, is a destination that promises incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. From exploring UNESCO Heritage Sites and chasing waterfalls to enjoying Omani cuisine and immersing yourself in the local culture, Salalah offers a diverse range of activities to suit every traveller.

I hope you enjoyed this Oman Tourist Guide covering my top 8 things to do in Salalah. Find out more info & book your Oman trip HERE.

Tour provided by Salalah Glory Tours – check them out on Instagram.


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