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Review: At.Mosphere Dubai High Tea (world’s highest afternoon tea)

February 20, 2017

Being a Londoner now, I’ve grown to love a little afternoon tea. I usually don’t try it in any other country but since At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa holds the record of the world’s highest afternoon tea, I had it on my foodie bucket list to do a At.Mosphere Dubai High Tea Review! Before going, we knew the view wasn’t going to disappoint but the question was, is the high tea (literally) worth the high price? Continue Reading →

Review: Sofitel Hotel Dubai

February 14, 2017

Sofitel Jumeirah Beach Hotel Review

Last year my friend and I visited Dubai during ramadan as a stop over on our way to Asia. Dubai during ramadan is insanely quiet but on the positive side, prices on hotels are majorly reduced. We managed to book Sofitel on Jumeira Beach for an amazing £60 per night! That’s a very good deal for Sofitel which usually starts from £200 per night. The location of Sofitel Jumeira Beach is ideal as its within walking distance to the marina and a short taxi ride away from the malls. Continue Reading →

B/ATTITUDE at Grosvenor House review

February 10, 2016

Despite sunshine and good company, a few days into my holiday in Dubai I still didn’t feel completely relaxed for many reasons. Months of stress can’t be shaken off overnight so her suggestion of a spa afternoon sounded heavenly. I didn’t know where we were going exactly but she’s the local so I just packed my bikini and off we went – we arrived at the Grosvenor Hotel. Continue Reading →

Where to eat in Dubai

January 20, 2016

Holidays to me are as much about the food as anything else. From my experience, the quality of food in Dubai is generally great. I didn’t have a single bad meal during my visit. Here are my top 3 recommendations. Continue Reading →


January 20, 2016

Last March I actually did it, I jumped (or got pushed) out of an airplane at 13 000ft! When I wrote up my bucket list the previous year, skydiving was one of the very first things I noted. After seeing the Flo-Rida video Wild One I had my mind set on doing my skydive at Skydive Dubai and nowhere else.

The night before I was tossing and tuning in my sleep thinking this must be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had in my life and that I’ve only paid half of my deposit…. so I still have time to chicken out. I had even Googled “Skydive Dubai accident” or “Skydive Dubai death”.  I confirmed there has been no such incident since they opened 4 years ago so don’t worry – if those search terms brought you here then you’ve got your answer right there : ) be sure to book early though.

SkyDiving Dubai is a very modern and professional site. It’s a very busy place and it’s definitely noticeable from the staff’s behaviour. Don’t expect any kind of nurturing or reassurance. Just suck it up and get on with it. There is no room for second guessing that’s for sure.

Here comes the scariest part of the whole thing for me – signing my life away. Who does that willingly?! You have to literally put your signature agreeing that if anything happens to you, they take zero responsibility and I mean ZERO. Even in the act of negligence or accidentally pushing you out of the plane…. oops! I signed it anyway and said my prayer. Remember that every person who’s ever done a skydive has signed this paper so don’t let that be the deal breaker.

After around one hour of waiting, it was my turn to get prepped and there comes Anouk – the woman who I had no choice but to trust with my life. The intro training is pretty brief and the main thing to take away is “legs bent back and chin up!”. With the tandem package comes a video and plenty of photos. They include some pre jump interview footage and your reaction after you land as well. 

Continue Reading →

Inside Burj Khalifa Dubai – Interior photos

January 12, 2016

Every city has got a signature building, in Dubai it’s the one and only Burj Khalifa. This blog post will give you a peak inside Burj Khalifa and one of their 80th floor apartments.

I was lucky enough to get to stay at a corporate apartment thanks to my friend who works in real estate development! The most memorable thing about Burj Khalifa is the view in the mornings where the peaks of buildings are above the clouds. It’s crazy because when you’re that high up, everything below you looks like miniature structures.

Getting to stay in the tallest building in the world is a bucket list worthy item I hadn’t planned on. I’d be busting my ass for some time to afford a one night stay on the 80th floor so I feel lucky to have experienced a stay there. I thought it would be worth putting together a post taking you inside Burj Khalifa and showing the views from the top. Continue Reading →

My Favourite Snapshots of Dubai

January 2, 2016

First of all, happy new year everybody!

Catch52’s 2nd birthday is coming up! Thank you to everyone that are still reading and following my blog. Thank you to the many people I’ve met through this great community and the people I’ve worked with. I look forward seeing more of you this coming year.

Last year I got to visit my best friend in Dubai. This thread of posts is ridiculously long over-do. 2015 has been one hell of a roller coaster…. I’ve decided to skip the usual end of year wrap up as I don’t want to bore you with sentimental crap and last year’s events because I could be sitting here all day just writing and writing. There have been many things on my mind these last few weeks about everything and absolutely nothing – hence me being idle and getting over a bit of a writer’s block. You need to sometimes take a break from everything and take a step back to appreciate the achievements you’re too busy to even notice and paying attention to all the little things in life to be grateful for. I know it’s a lot easier said that done but “count your blessings, not your problems”.

With that being said, during the December holiday I started sorting though this year’s pictures and picked out some of my favourite moments from Dubai. Posts on my skydive experience, my recommendations of places to eat and drink, and lastly, my actual opinion on Dubai are on their way very shortly xx Continue Reading →