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Travel Guide – Top 5 things to do in Jersey

June 22, 2017

Recently an opportunity came up to visit the island of Jersey which I couldn’t say no to. It’s only a 45-minute flight from London and yet I had never made the time to visit. Jersey is the island of good food and relaxation. I spent two extremely relaxing nights there and here are the things which I’d recommend when visiting Jersey.

1 – Hike
There’s so much beautiful and untouched nature in Jersey. Therefore, a hike is something which I highly recommend. Choose your starting point and just take a walk. My sister and I chose the St Brelade area and hiked all the way down to Beauport beach. We got lost a few times, each time being pleasantly surprised by the scenery. Beauport beach is very secluded, quiet and scenic.

2 – Eat Oysters
Jersey is known for it’s fantastic oysters and they are known for a good reason. I mean it when I say I had the best oysters in my life at Oyster Box. If the champagne butter oyster is all you eat during your trip to Jersey then so be it! I’d be back just for that. Luckily you can also find them at Banjo’s near Jersey’s famous Central Market, which brings me to my next point.

3 – The Central Market
This market is very iconic to Jersey and popular amongst locals. It’s worth a visit for the old architecture and also for the wide range of shops with local produce. You’ll spot anything from fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat to colourful flowers.

4 – Elizabeth Castle
This castle was built on a rock in St Aubin’s Bay. Uniquely it can either be reached by a ferry or you can actually walk there when the tide is low.

5 – Visit a spa
Jersey is the land where cars are not allowed to drive more than 40mph. That is Jersey for you, slow paced. This island is full of spas where you can treat yourself to individual sessions or a full day of pampering.

I don’t know why it took me 10 years of living in London before I paid a visit but now that I have, I’ll definitely be back!

Why King’s day in Amsterdam should be on your bucket list

April 21, 2016

Last year I surprised my younger sister to a birthday weekend trip to Amsterdam for King’s Day. King’s Day which is held on the 27th of April (previously known as Queen’s Day on the 30th) is a national holiday in the Netherlands. We heard that tourists still sometimes show up on the 30th only to realise that they’ve missed the party! King’s Day in summary is a massive party all across Amsterdam. There is no need to plan, just show up and trust that you will have a good time.

Why King’s Day should be on your bucket list: 
A big part of why I love festivals is the chance to dress up and let your hair down. King’s Day is all about the orange and remember, orange is the new black. You’ll never see anything like it; people, streets and canals are all covered in orange which is the official color of the Dutch Royal Family. The vibe everywhere was just incredibly positive and relatively well behaved. People were simply there to have a good time and nothing else. I must say King’s Day was much more civilised than Notting Hill carnival for example which can turn a bit rough. 
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Top 3 paella restaurants in Barcelona

June 14, 2014

I have had paella a few times before but never felt like I had tried the real deal, therefore I never made up my mind about whether I like it or not. On the last day of my trip to Barcelona I was on a hunt for good authentic paella! Rinsing any credit left that I had on my phone, I found Restaurant Barceloneta and I can officially say that I like paella. Continue Reading →