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My 27th birthday in Marbella

June 28, 2015

OUCH, I’ve hit 27 now! I feel a 2nd round of quarter life crisis may be around the corner.

I have a tradition to never work on my birthday, in fact, I had taken the whole week off. There was no particular plan and no traveling intended (I swear). I just wanted a nice week off to myself. Naz, my travel partner in crime, wanted to surprise me to a little road trip within the UK. Luckily we escaped because the weather was terrible here apparently – instead we were so kindly offered the key to a free house in Marbella. Thank you again! Continue Reading →

Top 3 paella restaurants in Barcelona

June 14, 2014

I have had paella a few times before but never felt like I had tried the real deal, therefore I never made up my mind about whether I like it or not. On the last day of my trip to Barcelona I was on a hunt for good authentic paella! Rinsing any credit left that I had on my phone, I found Restaurant Barceloneta and I can officially say that I like paella. Continue Reading →


May 15, 2014

Having gone there the first day and realized that this is more of a casual event, we dressed down on the race day and even left my beloved SLR at the hotel (so excuse the not so great zoomed photos). Sunday was completely dedicated to enjoying the race and  soaking up the atmosphere. Continue Reading →