36 – A different side to Los Angeles

I had wanted to visit Los Angeles for quite some time and I knew that if I traveled all the way to the US, I wouldn’t leave without seeing it. Week 36 approached and guess where I found myself?

Many say that they don’t like LA, mainly because of how much you have to rely on cars to get around and I agree, it’s a bigger factor than I had imagined. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though.


I got to meet so many family members out in Los Angeles who I had never met before. I spent the holiday getting to know my lovely uncle and his family, it was great!

I didn’t experience all parts of LA, probably because 4 days is nowhere near enough to see city, it’s huge. I absolutely loved the weather and the beautiful Real Estate out there. What amazed me the most was the scenery. The hills, beaches, canyons and farms nearby.



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Let’s not forget the views across LA were stunning, especially from the Getty Center.




The climate differs throughout the whole city depending on the altitude. For those who love to stay fit, LA has got some amazing spots to run in should the weather allow. For those lazy like myself, the weather is almost always perfect for laying by the pool and tanning.


LA doesn’t have to be all about the rich and the famous, it turned out to be quite a relaxing and beautiful time for me.

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